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I sent this to shelter on 19/10/2016:


We are currently looking for a flat and letting agents seem to be suggesting that we will need to look for HMO properties but we are not sure if this is actually true or not. I found this guidance online

and it mentions in section 2.1.7 that "The definition of "family" is set in full in section 128 of the 2006 act. The definition includes married, unmarried and same-sex couples and stepchildren and foster children, as well as certain close blood relatives"

We are two couples, and two of us are brothers. The couples have each been living together for several years and one of our girlfriends has lived with the family for years. We don't think there is any way we can reasonably be classed as three families, either by the letter or spirit of the law but letting agents keep trying to tell us we require a HMO property. Have you got any advice for what we can do as we are finding it very difficult to find somewhere to take us together.


Stuart Thomson"