Thrice Three

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Thrice Three is the story of one man's struggle to prove that he is not a number, and that there is a talking octopus.

Currently, a big problem with it is a lack of immersive feeling. Characters need to be more fully fleshed out. Plot needs to refer to itself more, what happened to the people in the church after Ix left? There needs to be some type of recurrent character IRL maybe too.

If I aimed to have about 10,000 words in each chapter it would be a 90,000 word book.


Part One - Questions

  • Chapter One - Ix meets the octopus
  • Chapter Two - Ix sees a worm. Ix bins his marking. Ix speaks to the head.
  • Chapter Three - Ix recatches the octopus at the fishing competition. Dentist. Ix speaks to the girl twice, she eats him eventually.

Part Two - Trying to answer

  • Chapter Four - Ix awakes in the other world. Finds the church. IRL: Ix punches the boy.
  • Chapter Five - Ix goes to the lake. Finds the institute. Brands boy. Destruction of the institue. IRL: Anger management. Police interview?. Ix goes to the dentist?
  • Chapter Six - Walking the wasteland. Meets the boy, goes back in time. Meets the Herald. IRL: Lost job, looking for a new one.

Part Three - No answers


  • Not sure what will happen here...